A slow creative technique of fashion that works with wool and bast as cotton, linen, silk, hemp or bamboo. All our products are handmade, so they need time to be created. Each piece is exclusive, unique with an unrepeatable model.

Nunua brading is linked to Maresmon. We try to encourage women to participate in our association. They can work making our products to being sold later in our shop. When you buy Nunua, you are colaborating in our social solidary project.

Nunua is a responsible social and environmental branding.


A non-profit Association that works supporting women to facilitate their social and work integrations.

In addition, it is also a social solidary economy company.

Maresmon: background and integral point. It also defends alphabetization projects and Catalan empowerment of women (foundry) and to pre-labour training.


We transfer our passion of making felt even where others invite us. We work in:

- Catalogue of activities in schools in Manlleu Town Hall

- Concep-t

- Museu del Ter

NUNUA is committed with social and environmental values, so is a brand that works a slow fashion technique based on this responsibility.